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Bob Deuell's Record

Texans deserve better than politicians who campaign as conservatives at home, but legislate like liberals in Austin. They deserve to know the true record of their elected officials!

Bob Deuell's record as a State Legislator

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Four noteworthy examples from the Fiscal Responsibility Index of Bob Deuell’s failing record from the 83rd Legislative Session:

Bob Deuell

  • Implemented ObamaCare navigators in Texas

    (SB1795 SJ1100)

  • Increased legislators' pensions

    (SB1 conference report, SJ3528)

  • Restricted the marketplace with new regulations

    (SB617 SJ750, HB950 SJ2882)

  • Enabled political intimidation of conservatives

    (SCR33 SJ963)

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Senate District 2 is one of the most conservative areas of the state, but Bob Deuell has failed to deliver conservative representation in Austin.

Deuell has scored an “F” on every Fiscal Responsibility Index since Empower Texans starting grading the legislature in 2007.

What’s more, those results have been confirmed by an independent study by Rice University. In 2011 Deuell was ranked as the most liberal Republican in the Texas Senate. He remained one of the most liberal Republicans in the Senate in 2013.

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